Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Dark Circles around your eyes??? Tea bags don't work and concealers don't last? This little product might be your saviour....

So I probably have one of the worst dark circles anyone of my age could have. I get sufficient sleep, I have tried the whole tea bag, cucumber and potato slices thing, I have tried every concealer out there and nothing has worked. Most concealers tend to make my circles look worse by giving them a hint of grey and they start creasing into fine lines. No matter how much I try setting the concealer it just does not work.

So couple of months back I was on a hunt for a new foundation and was trying out every make up brand available in Selfridges. When I went to Illamasqua, the girl that was putting on my foundation encouraged me to try their cream pigment to cover up my dark circles. Even though I was not impressed with their foundation, I was fascinated by this corrector she had applied to my under eyes.

What is so special about this cream pigment -
Well first of all I don't have to worry about matching it to my skin colour. All I need to do is brush on a little of this pink pigment to my under eyes using a eyeshadow blending brush and go over it using my normal foundation. It completely gets rid of the dark shadows, doesn't leave behind grey shadows and best of all matches the rest of your skin perfectly!!!

I guess the only drawback about this pigment cream is that it can only be used to cover dark circles and not blemishes, because it only promises coverage of bluey area. Blemishes tend to be pink and applying this to spots will only highlight them more. The other disappointment is that it does crease a little bit and has to be set with a translucent powder.

Other than that all I can say is that your search for the perfect under eye concealer stops right now!!!
Best of all, it can also be used as an eyeshadow, blush or even a lip colour.

But if you are in the same position as mine and struggling with dark circles, this is a MUST have!!!
- Illamasqua is not available in that many places around the UK - I have only seen it in the London Selfridges and the Charles Fox store in Covent Garden (Price: £17)

http://www.illamasqua.com/explore/store-locator/uk/ - this link has details about all the places that stock Illamasqua in the UK.

I am in love with this product and I am sure you will be too!!!

Lots of Love - N xoxo

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