Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Favourite Lipsticks!!!
I really want to fill you guys in with my all time favourite lipsticks. I find it really hard to find lipsticks that actually suit me. I have a golden skin tine with a yellow undertone and I have a really difficult time picking out the right colours. After spending hours in random make up aisles around London, I have finally managed to put together a collection that will see me through from day to night and from casual to formal and glam!!!

I am not really the kind of person that is really mesmerized by branded lipsticks and I find that these days you can find amazing lipsticks without breaking your bank. 

So from left to right...

1) Bourjois: Sweet Kiss Naturel in number 08 - I love this lipstick, because its sooooo moisturising and has a heavenly coconut scent to it. The colour is quite natural pink with a sheen of brown to it. If you have brown skin like me (I am a NC40 in MAC) this is a excellent choice if you want a natural nude lip without looking like you painted your lips with your foundation. I wear this lipstick when I am in a hurry, because this colour can be worn with any look and will make you look presentable and protect your lips from drying out.

2) MAC: Ladybird - So I always tried finding the right shade of red that would go well with my skin tone. I am only 21 years old, but red lipsticks seem to add 5 years to my age :O. I know how freaky. Which is why I always trained abstaining from red lipsticks until I came across this one. The colour of this is not a bright red and has a tint of orangy coral to it. I love this colour because its quite youthful and playful and will look amazing with your summery dresses. It is also a really nice colour for an evening look, but be careful....only play up your lips, when you are planning to keep your eyes neutral.

3) 17: Lasting Fix Lipstick in Toffee Waffle - This lipstick is a coral/brown lipstick. It is quite an intense colour. I really like this lipstick, because it is a colour that really enhances and brings out the colour of my skin and therefore is really flattering. Is a good colour choice for brightening up your face without adding too much colour.

4) Rimmel: Colour Show Off in Tell No One number 030 - I can not stop going on about this lipstick. This has got to be my all time favourite!!! I love everything about it, the colour, the packaging and the scent. The lipstick comes in such a cute and girly packaging that will look striking in any make up bag. It also smells amazing, its a very different scent from what make up usually smells like. It's really fresh smelling...The colour is a really strong coral and looks good on almost anyone. I would totally recommend this lipstick to anyone especially for the summer time. It's a really girly colour and is really really nice for the daytime. The lipstick is matt but still very moisturising. As you can see I have hit the bottom on this lipstick. I went back to boots and superdrugs to buy another one of this, but they seem to have discontinued it :( However I know that they still sell these in some shops around the UK. So if you can get your hands on this one make sure you get it, cos I can guarantee you that you will love it!

5) BeautyUk: in the buff number 7 - I know this lipstick looks really dodgy in the picture, because it broke and I kind of had to stuff it back in. But trust me for £3.49 (I think they have put up the price for this, because I bought it for around £2) it is really good value. Its really really moisturising, the colour is quite intense and has a really nice minty smell to it. The colour is a really nice barbie kind of pink and looks really good for a casual wear, but still makes a statement. Only drawback for me was that it melted in the heat and when I was applying it it broke :(, but other than that, I would totally recommend it :D

6) Sleek: Matte Papaya Punch 782 - I just bought this one last week, but its already a lipstick that I will always carry in my handbag. Its a really bright coral colour that instantly brightens your face. It looks good for both day an night time. I love this because its really bright and summery and very matte :)

So guys these are my favourite lipsticks, and I never leave my house without the Bourjois, Rimmel or the Sleek one. I hope this review helped you with deciding what colour is the best for you. I would like to say again that these are colours that are most flattering for more golden skin tones with yellow undertones. So do go and have a look at what you like and if you have a favourite lipstick that you can't live without let us know, because we would love to try it too :D 

Tc N xoxo

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  1. Cute review girl. :) Keep it up